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Steve Baumgardner
Procurement & Consulting Practice Leader

As Practice Leader for Procurement & Key Markets Consulting Services, Steve is committed to helping our clients effectively manage their PBMs. He and his team of PBM experts are passionate about maximizing leverage for our clients during the PBM procurement process and contract negotiations, and guide our clients throughout the duration of the contract to get the most out of their pharmacy benefits.

Steve has over 17 years of experience in the PBM industry, specializing in financial analysis and understanding PBM pricing and profitability. Before joining The Burchfield Group, Steve was a senior financial manager at Express Scripts, where he gained a thorough knowledge of PBM financial packages, including the impact of trend, spread, MAC, mail order, and manufacturer revenue. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.

Maximize Savings, Mitigate Risks and Optimize Effectiveness

We take a data-driven approach and work with you to develop and recommend a pharmacy program that fits your individual plan needs – helping you maximize savings, mitigate financial and regulatory risk, and optimize effectiveness. Contact us to learn more.