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Brian B. Bullock, R.Ph., MBA
Founder & CEO

As Chief Executive Officer, Brian’s passion is creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that enables our employees to see around corners and protect our clients from financial and regulatory risk.

Before starting The Burchfield Group in 1998, he served in leadership roles for two different PBMs. With Scrip Card/HCPP in Dallas, Texas he was vice president, benefit management services and with Prime Therapeutics he was senior vice president, sales and marketing. During his 35-year career, Brian has practiced community pharmacy, served on the administrative faculty for a school of pharmacy, and managed pharmacy operations for a start-up franchise program. He is a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia School of Pharmacy, and was awarded his MBA degree at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Brian has served in numerous leadership capacities for the American Pharmacists Association and is a long-time member of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy. He currently serves on the National Advisory Board for the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and is an advisor to the dean of the University of Washington School of Pharmacy.

Maximize Savings, Mitigate Risks and Optimize Effectiveness

We take a data-driven approach and work with you to develop and recommend a pharmacy program that fits your individual plan needs – helping you maximize savings, mitigate financial and regulatory risk, and optimize effectiveness. Contact us to learn more.