A Different Kind of Benefits Consulting Firm.  And Much More.

At The Burchfield Group, our pharmacy benefits consultants, auditors and health plan compliance and operations specialists bring a level of proficiency, independence, and future focus that truly benefits our clients.

For more than two decades, The Burchfield Group has provided employer and health plan clients with expert pharmacy benefit management (PBM) consulting, procurement, auditing and related services that save real money. By stretching the pharmacy benefit further, we help people live better lives.

And we are more than just a pharmacy benefits consulting firm. For more than 10 years, The Burchfield Group has provided health plan clients with expert regulatory compliance related to Medicare Part C and Part D and operations advice and support.  We combine our decades of insider PBM expertise and health plan regulatory, compliance, and operations knowledge within one shop.  That’s rare – allowing us to offer integrated solutions and best practices.

Many of our pharmacy benefits consultants and auditors are former PBM insiders and health plan pharmacy executives who know the industry through personal experience. We know exactly which numbers to look at, what to negotiate for, and how to get it from PBMs. We play hardball on your behalf. You simply can’t get this kind of eagle-eyed focus and negotiating leverage from the big benefit consulting firms.

Burchfield Group pharmacy consultants and auditors are 100% independent. We have no ties to drug manufacturers, PBMs, or retail pharmacy chains. Because millions of dollars are often at stake, we work exclusively on behalf of our clients  to find savings opportunities that would otherwise be missed. We’re able to directly connect our clients with our experts, rather than make clients go through “layers” of staff to get answers.

The Burchfield Group is more than a pharmacy consulting firm that gets the best deal from PBMs.  We actively work to establish trust with our clients, create value, and advance greater transparency between our clients and their PBMs.


Maximize Savings, Mitigate Risks and Optimize Effectiveness

We take a data-driven approach and work with you to develop and recommend a pharmacy program that fits your individual plan needs – helping you maximize savings, mitigate financial and regulatory risk, and optimize effectiveness. Contact us to learn more.