Monitor. Advise. Protect.

Your PBM contract may be signed, but our work is not complete.  Our monitoring and consulting services keep you protected and informed throughout the life of your contract.  We hold your PBM accountable for results, ensuring contractual commitments are kept and you are maximizing performance of your pharmacy benefit plans.

From implementation to on-going benefit support you will have access to our team of experts with knowledge of all the PBMs programs, tactics and competitive insight. When your plan is faced with decisions on PBM programs to implement or change, we are able to decipher if the value is right for you and the real impact of adding these programs. We’ve seen a number of unique benefit situations over the years, so we’re able to find solutions to your specific challenges.

Our team of pharmacy experts are with you every step of the way.  Our experienced consultants and analysts track key plan metrics to ensure plan performance and serve as your pharmacy benefit subject matter expert.  Our PBM oversight ensures clinical components, benefit features, services levels and financial performance are in alignment with the contract and current industry best practices.

Ongoing reporting and data-driven analysis keep you informed of trends and plan performance.  We provide independent guidance on plan designs and market trends, and recommend proven solutions for improving plan performance.

We create customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients, including:

  • Ongoing pricing and rebates monitoring
  • Reports, benchmarking and trend review
  • PBM relationship management
  • Guidance on plan design and market trends
  • Recommendations for improving plan performance

Maximize Savings, Mitigate Risks and Optimize Effectiveness

We take a data-driven approach and work with you to develop and recommend a pharmacy program that fits your individual plan needs – helping you maximize savings, mitigate financial and regulatory risk, and optimize effectiveness. Contact us to learn more.