The Health Plan's Strategic Guide to PBM Procurement


Today’s PBM market is ever-changing. To get the best total pricing and service levels, health plans must take a more strategic, proactive, and well-thought-out approach to the PBM contracting and procurement process. Failure to do so can end up costing your plan millions of dollars in lost savings, result in sub-par health plan and member service levels, and significantly hinder your plan’s negotiating leverage when the next RFP cycle comes around.

This guidebook, authored by the trusted PBM procurement experts from The Burchfield Group, will give your plan the insights and information it needs to take control of the PBM contracting process in today’s highly volatile, complex, and unpredictable market.


  • The latest PBM industry forecast – and what changes health plans should expect to see ahead
  • The importance of having the right PBM market check language in your contracts to maximize your negotiating leverage and savings
  • How to include strong PBM audit rights terms in your contract – and common pitfalls to avoid
  • RFP best practices to maximize health plan pricing, negotiating leverage, and service levels
  • How to develop a comprehensive, long-term PBM contracting strategy so your plan can always be in control
  • Other tips to help your organization take a more proactive and strategic approach to PBM procurement and contracting

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