CMS Program Audits: An Executive Guidebook

22 Pages

How are you staying on top of changing program audit requirements?

Program audit requirements and processes are constantly changing but every organization can get value from an audit, beyond simply meeting the regulatory requirement. Prepare your compliance department for success and help it function at a higher level with our new guide: CMS Program Audits: An Executive Guidebook.

This guide offers a full cycle of support to assist you in improving your program’s efficiency and effectiveness for the pre-audit, audit, and post-audit periods. This multifaceted guidebook can be a training tool for new staff, a reference for people who need a refresher, or a helpful collection of tips and best practices on the ever-changing world of the CMS Program Audit.


  • How audits are changing in 2020 and what you should know about those changes. Plus, you’ll get a comprehensive CMS program audit checklist for 2020, with steps and pro tips to guide you through each phase of the audit cycle.
  • Best practices for CMS independent validation audits and program audit close out as more rigorous requirements pose new challenges for health plans.
  • Strategic tips and insights to help compliance departments reap the full value that audits can provide.

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