CMS Mock Audits: Best Practices and Other Strategies for Your 2020 Program

Presenters: Alexander Henrichs, Audit and Compliance Analyst; Ann VonBoxtel, PharmD, Clinical Auditor

Identifying and correcting compliance problem areas before CMS auditors schedule an on-site audit is one of the best ways to reduce Medicare plan compliance risks. In this webinar, The Burchfield Group’s CMS compliance experts will discuss why it’s important to conduct a CMS mock audit, what’s involved, and how to effectively prepare.

You will learn:  

  • What a CMS mock audit entails and why it is important to use a qualified, outside expert to guide your organization through the process.

  • Common CMS data elements reviewed, including Organization Determinations, Appeals and Grievances (ODAG), Part D Coverage Determinations, Appeals, and Grievances (CDAG), and Formulary Administration (FA).

  • How to effectively plan a mock audit, including timing, staffing and budget considerations.

  • The latest clarifications from CMS regarding specific data collection and submission requirements and highlights from the CMS Fall Conference.

  • Best practices and common pitfalls to avoid.

Date: Monday, November 18th, 2019

Time: 11:00 AM ET



The webinar slides can be accessed here.