Maximize Pharmacy Benefit Savings & Oversight. Reduce Regulatory Compliance Risks

Pharmacy benefit costs, including specialty drugs, keep rising at alarmingly high rates. Meanwhile, increasing government regulations and Medicare rules make compliance more burdensome than ever, also putting organizations at risk.

The Burchfield Group is one of the largest firms dedicated to delivering pharmacy benefit consulting, auditing, and compliance services. Our pharmacy benefit consultants, auditors and health plan regulatory and operations veterans help companies like yours maximize pharmacy benefit savings and minimize compliance risks.

We help employers, unions, and health plans negotiate more effectively with their pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) -- and hold them accountable for real results. This stretches your pharmacy benefit dollar further to help people live better – while boosting your bottom line.

Health plans also increasingly rely on The Burchfield Group to provide robust Medicare Part C and Part D compliance, data, and audit services – as well as expert operational, financial, and clinical support across the enterprise.

Our future-focused team of experts has decades of professional experience in virtually all aspects of pharmacy benefits management, as well as health plan compliance and operations. This allows us to offer comprehensive, integrated solutions. And because we have no financial ties to PBMs or drug companies, you will always receive independent, objective advice.

Explore our website to learn how the pharmacy benefits consultants, auditors and health plan experts at The Burchfield Group will put you and your organization in the driver’s seat again.

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