PBM Rebate Audits: Tips for Health Plan Success

In this webinar, we will discuss several critical ways health plans can benefit from conducting a PBM rebate audit – and more.

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Best Practices for Developing an Effective PBM Oversight Strategy

In this webinar, The Burchfield Group’s leading pharmacy benefits experts will discuss why it’s more important than ever that employers adopt a multi-year PBM oversight strategy – and which components to focus on when.

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Understanding the PBM Contracting Cycle: Get the best pricing and leverage market disruption to your advantage

PBM pricing continues to evolve very rapidly in the market place. Consolidation has played a large role in this evolution and continues to drive competition in new ways.

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PBM Rebate Audits: Securing the full value of manufacturer discounts

PBM payments to clients from manufacturer rebate contracts have increased dramatically over the past few years. Some clients are experiencing a 30% increase in rebate payments year over year, and minimum rebate guarantees are being exceeded by up to 50%.

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After CMS Program Audits: A deeper dive into the Independent Validation Audit Process

We heard your feedback following Burchfield’s CMS Program Audit webinar in September and are going to dig deeper into what health plans need to know to close out their program audit successfully.

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How to Prepare for CMS Audits in 2018 and Beyond

In this webinar, you will learn how to break down the CMS audit readiness cycle into manageable segments, and what steps to take to ensure your plan can emerge from its next audit unscathed.

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